from the Stimulator

Posted by CODEPINK Staff

The Stimulator's here at the RNC editing video like a madman. Yesterday he had two camera people arrested. Here's an update he just sent out with a link to video:

On the arrests. The two cameramen arrested are Joseph La Sac and Lambert Rochfort of Pepperspray Productions in Seattle. Both were picked up at different locations, are still being held and have not been charged. No bail has been set. I'll be working on getting them out all day so new dispatches will be slow going.

Joe and Lambert started this hourney with me in Denver last week and have worked tirelessly to capture footage from all kinds of dangerous situations. They (as most of us) are doing this for no money, and have been sharing their footage with many projects, including this one.

Thanks to all who have donated to the bail fund. I hope we're not going to need it and that the cops let my people go with no charges.

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