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Stop Excluding Military Emissions from Climate Agreements!

The COP UN Climate meeting is coming up this year. 

Governments are hearing our demand that UN climate talks should no longer exclude military emissions from climate agreements. We protested outside the COP26 meetings in Glasgow, Scotland. At COP27 in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt, the conference had several side events on militarism and climate. That's a result of your efforts. Now is the time to make sure our demands are fully met.

We continue to demand that the Conference include military greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in its agreement. Sign the petition below to US Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry and the US State Department to stop excluding military emissions from the climate agreements.

Dear US Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry and the US State Department,

As a result of final-hour demands made by the U.S. government during negotiation of the 1997 Kyoto treaty, military greenhouse gas emissions were exempted from climate negotiations. That tradition has continued.

The 2015 Paris Agreement left cutting military greenhouse gas emissions to the discretion of individual nations.

The UN Framework Convention on Climate Change obliges signatories to publish annual greenhouse gas emissions, but military emissions reporting is voluntary and often not included.

NATO has acknowledged the problem but not created any specific requirements to address it.

There is no reasonable basis for this gaping loophole. War and war preparations are major greenhouse gas emitters. In fact, world militaries are such egregious polluters that it will be impossible to meet any crucial benchmarks for climate change solutions without drastically cutting military carbon output in the immediate future. All greenhouse gas emissions need to be included in mandatory greenhouse gas emission reduction standards. There must be no more exceptions for military pollution – our planet and its people depend on it.

We ask COP to set strict greenhouse gas emissions limits that make no exception for militarism, include transparent reporting requirements and independent verification, and do not rely on schemes to "offset" emissions. Greenhouse gas emissions from a country’s overseas military bases must be fully reported and charged to that country, not the country where the base is located. COP has the power to engender a peaceful and sustainable future on this planet – but only if these measures are enacted.


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