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Call Your Member of Congress!

Members of Congress are back in their home districts for the Independence Day break – which is a great opportunity for us to demand they back REAL gun law reform! Call your Congressperson while they are home and let them know your community wants them to take REAL action to prevent gun violence!

Step One: Get their district number

Use this Congressional lookup tool to find your member of Congress using your zip code. If your zip code is split between more than one member, use the map to determine who your member is.

Once you click through, find the number for their DISTRICT office (this is the office that is NOT in Washington, DC). That's the number you'll want to call.

Step Two: Call

Once you have the number, call your Representative. You can use the sample message below or your own.

"I'm worried about the threat of gun violence and mass shootings here in [city/town where you live]. The sit-in last week is just the start of what is needed to end the epidemic of gun violence in America. I support universal background checks on all gun sales and urge Rep. [Name of your Congressperson] to also co-sponsor H.R. 4269, a bill that would ban assault weapons. Enough senseless gun-related deaths!"

Step Three: Let us know how it went

Leave a comment below and let us know who you called and how it went. Include your district and the name of your Congressperson. If the person you spoke with made a commitment to back universal background checks or an assault weapons ban, let us know!

Step Four: Join the Anti-Gun Violence Action Team!

If this issue is important to you, we encourage you to join our Anti-Gun Violence Action Team. Members of the team will get information about local events and actions in support of ending gun violence as well as ideas for creating your own actions and events. Sign up here to join the team!