CODEPINKers Coming to WSF in Montreal!


CODEPINK co-founder Medea Benjamin and long-time staffer Nancy Mancias will be in Montreal August 10-14 for the World Social Forum, and they want to meet you!

If you are interested in joining Medea and Nancy at the World Social Forum, an international conference that gathers tens of thousands of people every year to build social movements and a sustainable and inclusive world, you can register in person for $40. 

Beyond just WSF, Medea and Nancy would love to connect with you! As election season in the U.S. moves into full swing, and we look ahead to the alarming future of one of two hawks in the White House, it is more important than ever to build a strong, grassroots peace movement. At CODEPINK we believe deeply in intersectionality, and know that to challenge U.S. militarism we must build broad coalitions and a global movement demanding peace. Medea and Nancy want to learn from all of you about the peace movement in Canada and in Montreal!

To meet with two of CODEPINK's fierce leaders, please email Medea Benjamin at 

We hope to see you in Montreal!

Love and peace,
Alice, Alli, Aniqa, Ariel, Baheya, Chelsea, Jodie, Mariana, Martha, Medea, Nancy K., Nancy M., Rebecca, Rodas, and Sam

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