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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you support China when China doesn’t support its people?

Did you know that:

There is a three-year plan to enhance care of toddlers in Shanghai 

China established a modernized grain storage system to ensure food security & increase workers income

China has fed over 40 million children with their Free Lunch initiative 

A report finds that 95% of Chinese are highly satisfied with their government 

Is the Biden/Harris campaign aggressive towards China? 

While the Biden/Harris team hasn't offered the same intensity of Trump's anti-China rhetoric, they have made discouraging remarks and show no effort on working towards friendlier relations with China. 

The US's Cold War with China won't slow down with Biden in office 

Biden: "We need to get tough with China"

But China is the world's greatest polluter?

There is a lot of evidence that suggests China is not the greatest polluter in the world. They are also taking proactive steps in reducing their carbon footprint and finding solutions for living more sustainably, such as: 

Working hard to coordinate economic growth with green development, building a shared future for all lives on Earth 

Air pollution in China is dropping 

China's pledges to be carbon neutral by 2060

What about the Uyghur population in China? 

This is complex and painful for the Uyghurs in China and for Muslims across the globe.   
Our concern is that it is being used as a tool to drive the cold war, instead of a human rights issue that needs to be addressed as such. There is much wrong with how the US reacted and acted on terrorist attacks as with many governments across the globe, China's included. Here are some resources we found helpful: 

Xinjiang: A Report and Resource Compilation

John Ross & thoughts on the Uyghur genocide

Margaret Kimberly on Uyghur population 

Employment and Labor Rights in Xinjiang


Is China creating debt traps for Africa? 

No. Learn more here - Deborah Brautigam and Meg Rithmire on the Chinese ‘DEBT TRAP’

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