Chelsea Manning is free! Send her some love!


Thank you for signing the urgent petition to Free Chelsea Manning. With your support, we generated a massive outcry, and President Obama used his last days in office to do the right thing. President Obama has commuted her 35-year sentence to end on May 17, 2017. Chelsea Manning is free!

Chelsea has been in prison since May 2010. She was held in solitary confinement and attempted suicide twice. She risked everything to do what she felt was right. 

Copy_of_Chelsea_Manning-2.pngWe still have time to show her our appreciation before she enters the next chapter of her life. Take the time to send her a letter of love and celebration by signing our note here. We will deliver it to her next week!

Imagine what her life will be like now that she is out of that prison!

Rising in 2017...
Ann, Ariel, Farida, Jodie, Mariana, Mark, Medea, Nancy, Paki, Paula, and Samira

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