Budget Discussions and Bringing Our War $$ Home

Posted by CODEPINK Staff

Personally, I think all federal budget debates are connected. Specifically, the Republicans want to slash spending for domestic priorities - that feels to me like the second half of the statement "Bring Our War $$ Home." Our platform is not simply cut the military budget: we want money re-appropriated to human needs.

Regardless of your politics, there is a stark debate happening in DC without any progressive input: The Republicans are determined to destroy public services & maintain a military security state, and the Democrats are allowing the Republicans to set the rules of the debate. No one is defending the role of government in public life and that, is exactly where our Bring Our War $$ Home campaign is connecting to other progressive groups: joining with social needs, economic justice, environmental justice & labor groups to say: we support a society under the rule of law, where corporations are regulated and the government supports the needs of the people. We support the right to work, the right to health, and the right to thrive in community. We know the people's government is needed to hold corporations accountable, to support the needy among us, and to provide a level playing field through public education for all of our fellow citizens.

Join us in Baltimore next week as we support the passage of the Bring Our War $$ Home Resolution! Come to our teach-in with Fund Our Communities next Friday. Or join us on Saturday for the Poor People's March and Rally.

And cast your vote in the New Priorities Network Budget Poll.

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