Another exciting trip to Cuba!


Dear former Cuba trip participants and friends,

I hope you are well and surviving the crazy Trump era. It seems like a good time to take a break with another trip to Cuba, no? Or please let your friends know, as we have a very exciting new trip planned.

Our next trip will be to the western side of the island, a beautiful part that most tourists don’t get to see. We will fly to Holguin and travel to the wonderful city of Santiago—the center of so much of Cuba’s cultural creativity. We’ll be in Santiago for International Workers Day, May 1, and join with the Cuban people in a glorious May Day parade. And then we’ll have another amazing experience: traveling to the city of Guantanamo to participate in an international conference against foreign military bases. You’ll hear from people around the world working to close foreign military bases; we’ll have a chance to tell the people of Guantanamo how sorry we are that our government has appropriated their beautiful land for its base/prison; and we’ll protest against the continued existence of the Guantanamo Prison, a prison that Donald Trump has promised to fill up with more “bad dudes.” We are trying to get a former Guantanamo prisoner, an amazing man who has written an incredibly moving book about his experience, to join us on this trip (we have to get him a passport first!).

This will be a trip of a lifetime—a guaranteed antidote to the Trump blues! We hope that you will consider joining us for another amazing opportunity to participate in these peacebuilding efforts and encourage your friends to join. Space is limited so please apply quickly.

Warm regards,
Medea Benjamin

Cuba Trip Details:
When: April 29th–May 7th
Cost: $1,500 (not including airfare)
More information: Contact Yvette at
Tentative schedule:

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