5 Years of Resistance to Drone Killing at Beale AFB


After 5 years of persistent protests at Beale AFB, opposing drone killing and global militarization, ten defendants will bring the illegal drone program to the federal court in Sacramento. Join us in support of these activists!

When: Tuesday, January 12 at 8:00 am; Anti-drone rally in front of courthouse, to include mock drone attack street theater; Arraignment begins at 9 am

Where: U.S. Federal Court, 501 I St., 8th Floor, Courtroom 27, Sacramento.

Full details to be determined for the mid-day, anti-drone actions in Sacramento, to include march through Sacramento, Congressional office visits, and more. RSVP here 

When: Tuesday, January 12 - Wednesday, January 13

Schedule of events: 

Tuesday, January 12
3-5:00 pm: Vigil/protest, Wheatland Gate, Intersection of South Beale Rd. & Ostrom Rd., east of Marysville.
6:00 pm: Tentative group viewing of the State of Union Address in public venue, Marysville.
Evening: Potluck and No Drones Peace Encampment, or hotel options also. Main Gate, Beale AFB, end of N. Beale Rd., east of Marysville.

Wednesday, January 13
6-8:00 am Vigil/protest, Main Gate, end of N. Beale Rd., east of Marysville.

For more information or carpooling, email Toby at ratherbenyckeling@comcast.net

For a weaponized drone-free world,

Toby and your CODEPINK team

PS: The "Beale 10" and supporters will return to Beale AFB for a 2-day protest in support of a national protest, The Real State of the Union. We now have 4 former drone operators speaking out about drone killing and how it is destabilizing the world: Watch it here.

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