4 Ways to Show Solidarity with Yemen


Saudi Arabia is bombing my country, Yemen. It’s the country where I was born and raised, where all my memories are from. Now, I’m watching it vanish. The US must stop selling weapons to Saudi Arabia. There are thousands of people who are being injured or killed, including women and children who are being affected the most.

Now, the US is planning to sell Saudi Arabia another massive batch of $1.15 billion worth of weapons. Although the State Department has approved this sale, Congress will have 30 days to block it after they’re back from summer break next week.

Here are 4 things you can do right now to help stop the weapons deal and to show solidarity with the people of Yemen!

  1. Call or meet with your Senators! Set up a meeting with their office, or call the Capitol switchboard and ask to be connected to their offices, (202) 224-3121. Tell them to support Senators Chris Murphy and Rand Paul, who are taking the lead on opposing this horrific deal. Mark your calendar for the national call-in day on September 7! 

  2. Watch & share videos from Yemen! CODEPINK has launched a series of videos called Voices from Yemen. It’s first-hand accounts from my friends in Yemen about their experiences. Share our videos on your Facebook page to help lift up the voices of Yemenis!

  3. Educate yourself and your community! Order CODEPINK co-founder Medea Benjamin’s latest book, Kingdom of the Unjust, Behind the US-Saudi Connection, and invite her to your community to talk about this important issue! Email Martha@codepink.org to book her now.

  4. #RememberYemen! Download this sign that says #RememberYemen in English and Arabic, take a photo or video of yourself with it, and post it on your social media accounts and tag CODEPINK! 

As Senator Chris Murphy said, if you talk to Yemeni Americans, they will tell you this isn’t a Saudi bombing campaign, it’s a US bombing campaign. The Saudi government wouldn’t be able to carry out these atrocities without US support. Please take action today.

In solidarity,
Bushra Al-Fusail, CODEPINK

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