21 Days to Love: Day 15


Facing the Matter

Since the war economy demands that we move through the world with polite agreements, we are married to silence — even when things, situations, or circumstances cut against our grain and hurt us.

Today, consider the ways in which the war economy has trained you to respond, especially in situations that make you uncomfortable.

Consider how you have responded in the past. Did you stay silent even when something felt wrong?

Consider a different way to respond that will free you from the industrialized violence factory that the war economy quietly creates inside many of us.

Instead of the factory of violence imagine fertile, minerally rich soils of truth and harmony. Allow yourself to nurture the wholesome growth of peace for you and your community.

Pinpoint when you would usually stay silent and non-confrontational and think ... take space before responding in the same old ways.

Doing this is a move towards the interdependent strength of community healing.

Your community knows, sees and understands you in ways that you may discount or not fully realize.

Check in.

Your community will have valuable insight.

Keep us posted on what comes up and what you learn.

💖 Love and Respect,
Jodie & Kelly

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