21 Days of Giving Peace: Day 17

Dear Friend,

The gift of a second chance.

Today give yourself and someone in your world the gift of a second chance.

When we let others off the hook for something we haven't forgiven them for, we let ourselves off the hook too. We free up the space in our hearts to generate more energy and passion for our communities, our relationships, projects and all the beautiful things we want to create and see in the world. 

The war economy thrives on making others wrong, it doesn’t want to allow the space for mistakes, for exploration, for stepping outside the lines, for not knowing, for not being able to reach a bar that has been set by another.  

A peace economy understands, forgives and creates space for relationship, learning, finding the space between differences and listening from the heart and not from judgment.

Who can you give a second chance today?  Giving it to them gives it to you and opens you to give even more to your community.

Share the experience with a friend, your family and with us!

💖 Love and Respect,
Kelly & Jodie

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