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May 25: Join Our NO WAR WITH IRAN Peace Caravan!


Join or Organize a Peace Caravan for Memorial Day, May 25

Historically, Memorial Day has been used to mourn the dead, but in a way that almost idealizes war. This Memorial Day, join us to organize caravans for peace and disarmament—so there will be no more war dead who need to be remembered.

This Memorial Day coincides with the UN Secretary General’s call for a Global Ceasefire, saying “the fury of the virus illustrates the folly of war.” It also follows the May 24th International Women’s Day for Peace and Disarmament, a day to raise up the cost of weapons and war to the planet.

Each community will shape their caravan as they want. Co-Sponsored by Progressive Democrats of America.



, the meetup location is at the White House on the corner of Pennsylvania Ave. and 7th St. Some people will be walking, some will driving. Our route will be going towards and ending at the Cuban Embassy, as Cuba is the perfect example of #HealthcareNotWarfare! May 25, 12PM EST

In Phoenix
we will meet at 2201 E Camelback Rd #115. May 25, 10AM MT

In Los Angeles, we are meeting with Jewish Voices for Peace at the Santa Monica Airport parking lot to spell PEACE with our cars. We will photograph this with a drone, then divide into 3 groups to caravan with our messages of peace and deliver care packages for the growing house less populations in LA. May 25, 11AM PST

In North San Diego, we will meet at 1022 Highland Dr. May 25, 11AM PST

In SLO/Morro Bay, we will meet at Foster's Freeze. May 25, 1PM PST

In San Francisco, Meet Up Location is 5 miles North of the GG Bridge! (map of route to be distributed a meet-up place). May 25, 12PM PST

In San Jose, we will be meeting at Stevens Creek and Winchester Blvds. May 25, 3pm PST

In Miami, we will caravan to Senator Marco Rubio’s home , since he has been pushing war on Venezuela, and crippling sanctions on Cuba. May 25, 11AM EST

In Iowa City, the plan is to drive in a circle through town. Beginning at Mercer Park, head downtown and then back to Mercer Park. May 25, 11AM CST

In Salinathe meetup location will be at The Sidewalk Museum of Congress. May 24, 4PM CST

In Baltimore, there will be two routes for drivers and pedestrians. May 25, 5PM EST

In Grand Haven, we will provide route maps at the meet up location! May 25, 11:45AM EST

In Kansas Citythe route will include going through mid-town & through some weapons parts plants. May 25, 10AM CST

New Mexico
In Taos, we will meet up at Smith's parking lot before driving to the plaza/ downtown. May 25, 11:45AM MT

New York
In New York Citywe will meet at John Lennon Memorial Park/Imagine Circle in Strawberry Fields. May 25, 12PM EST

In Columbus, the action is in support of detainees in Morrow County Jail- immigrants who 100% have COVID infections. May 26, 2PM EST

In Portlandthe location will be at Peninsula ParkMay 25, 12PM PST

In Philadelphiathe location is 200 Chestnut St. May 25, 1:30PM EST

In Dallas, we will meet at 5825 Palm LaneMay 25, 11AM CST

Add Events

Add your event here — we will add your event to our website and to the list above and support you in outreach. Not able to attend? Take our pledge here and join our social media team to elevate the caravans in social media.

Please consider organizing a caravan in your community.

  • It’s easy: It can be as small as 2-3 cars.
  • It’s safe: You stay in your cars.
  • It’s fun: People really want to come out in a safe way and do actions together.
  • It’s media-friendly: The press is looking for actions to cover.
  • It’s important: We need to be visible in demanding that our country focus on fighting this virus and the climate crisis, not each other.


Decorate your cars with messages calling for peace and investing in the essential needs of life that bring real security.

Healthcare Not WarfareWar is Not Green and Global Peace posters are available for you to download in color with black and white versions provided on the second page.



[email protected]  is available to support you with images, ideas and getting your events on the calendar.

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