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Baltimore Intl Women's Day of Peace and Disarmament

A group of organizations in Baltimore including the Baltimore Nonviolence Center are joining with CODEPINK, which is organizing demonstrations around the country, to do Peace Caravans on May 25, Memorial Day. 

This is the plan for Baltimore:

 The theme will be a Peace Caravan for HEALTHCARE, NOT WARFARE.  Advocates can participate in two ways. If you have a vehicle, you will decorate it with some peace signs and park by Wyman Park just off 29th Street at 5 PM.  Those without a vehicle will gather with peace signs wearing masks and remaining six feet away from each other at 33rd and North Charles Streets by John Hopkins University, our #1 nuclear weapons contractor.

At 5:30 PM the Peace Caravan will depart heading north on Howard Street.  The lights on the vehicles will be turned on and blinking, and the horns will be honking. It will continue to Wyman Park Drive near the Baltimore Museum of Art.  Continue to follow around the university on San Martin Drive until University Parkway.  At the light, the caravan will turn right and proceed to Charles Street.  There it will head south hugging the university past 33rd Street until turning right at 29th Street.  Then it will go south on Maryland Avenue until 25th Street.  There it will turn left and head to Greenmount Avenue.  At Greenmount, turn left and go north until 33rd Street. Turn left and head to Barclay Street.  At Barclay turn left and head south to 25th Street.  At 25th turn right at Guilford Ave.  Head north until 33rd Street.  Go to St. Paul Street and turn left.  Head south to 25th Street.  At 25th turn left and go to Calvert Street.  Turn left on Calvert and proceed to 33rd Street.  At 33rd head to Charles St.  At Charles Street turn right and head north.  Cross University Parkway and pull into the parking lot of the Episcopal Cathedral. 

Those on foot at 33rd Street will join us in the parking lot. Circle and celebrate with masks and social distancing, as we will alert the progressive neighborhood of Charles Village that Peace Will Not Be Denied.

May 24th is the International Women’s day for Peace and Disarmament a day they are using to raise up the cost of weapons and war to the planet.  It is the day before US Memorial Day – a day that has been used to almost celebrate war. We choose to focus on peace and disarmament on Memorial Day weekend. So there are no more dead from war who need to be remembered.

Join us for a Peace car – avan on Memorial Day.

Signage: Make your own signs if you can (or use window paint); we will have some extra signs if you need them. Some themes are: Peace, Global Ceasefire; No Sanctions, No War, HealthCare Not Warfare, War is Not Green, Divest from War  or make an image that speaks your heart.  Feel free to make peace flags and fully decorate your car.

COVID safety measures: We encourage you to stay in your cars; If you get out, make sure you keep a safe distance and wear masks.




Wyman Park and John Hopkins University
Baltimore, MD, United States,

Google map and directions


Max Obuszewski · · 410-323-1607

Can we count you in?