You Can't Be Green and Be Pro-War

Posted by CODEPINK Staff

This morning's AP report "CODEPINK Faces Tough Odds for Public's Attention" smartly used CODEPINK as an excuse to talk about the media's lack of attention on the antiwar movement:

These are hard times for peace activists. Despite CodePink's flashy costumes and willingness to disrupt campaign events and congressional hearings — sometimes facing arrest for it — the women are finding it more difficult to maintain public attention on the Iraq war.

The AP report got caught up in the circus of it a bit, too, describing the "array of anti-war protests" at the conventions these next few weeks: " 'Pink Police' riding in-line skates . . . will hold signs reading 'stop war, yield for peace' and bicycle brigades will rally against what the activists call America's addiction to oil and war."

But still, the piece ends with a smart statement by our own Medea Benjamin: "You can't be green and be pro-war. . . both parties have kept us down this militaristic path and neglected our basic needs."

Go, AP! You need a circus to hinge an anti-war story around, CODEPINK will give it to you.

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