Women March on International Women's Day to Bring Our War $$ Home!

Posted by CODEPINK Staff

March from State House MA

Radio coverage by the Boston Community Reporters Project here.

Joining in: Women's International League for Peace & Freedom, Raging Grannies,  City Life, Veterans for Peace, Military Families Speak Out, UPJ, and many more.

Melanie of City Life: need housing!
Melanie Griffith from City Life talks about the need for affordable housing, going unfunded as we squander resources on wars and occupations.

Ridgely introducing speakers
Ridgely Fuller of Greater Boston Codepink co-organized the event where the Pink Parasol Peace Brigade made its BOW$H debut.

and fund jobs now
"Come on people, let's turn this country round. Stop war spending, and fund jobs now!"

Trish on cuts effecting women
Trish filled us in on how budget cuts affect women and children the most. Want her shirt? Buy it here.

Bread & Roses
Greater Boston CP made this terrific banner to hang on the Massachusetts State House fence.

Sarah Roche-Mahdi of CP filled us in on the history of IWD and labor activism by women in Lawrence, Mass. who are reported to have invented the first moving picket line.

This was ironic because despite vigorous outreach by Ridgely, including standing in solidarity the previous weekend with the pro-labor rally at the state house in support of Wisconsin workers, no one from local labor organizations would agree to attend and speak at the event. Unions are still scared that cancelling weapons programs will result in job loss, I guess. They should read the conversion report put out by economists at UMass Amherst: building WMDs is a lousy jobs program.

Tamar & Brandeis students
Cambridge artist Tamar Etingen with students from Brandeis, on the bridge to say: women want peace!

Link to video of the event, including a great speech by Laura of VFP about her journey to the decision to speak out against war.

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