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Campus Revolt! CODEPINK Congress Capitol Calling Party 5/07

Tuesday, Oct 17 Capitol Calling Party

Join CODEPINK Congress as we educate, activate and mobilize for peace legislation!

As Israel cordons off Rafah to bomb more civilians–with over a million trapped in the southern end of Gaza, US police surround college encampments from one end of this country to another, arresting thousands of students protesting genocide, even shooting rubber bullets at UCLA protesters to send dozens to the hospital.

This time the revolution is being televised at an estimated 200 colleges in the US–others in Britain and Canada–live streaming their demands for universities to disclose, divest and demilitarize their stock holdings in Israel and war profiteers–Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Boeing, General Dynamics, Elbit Systems–to evict the war profiteers from campus.

Join us as we elevate the student protest movement under attack from thugs with metal poles and chemical sprays, from police who either fail to protect or also attack student resisters, from an Israel lobby that targets progressive lawmakers, from a President who makes it sound as though the peaceful protesters are the problem, and from a Congress that fuels genocide with another $26 billion in arms to Israel and passes legislation in the House  to criminalize anti-Zionist speech. Join us as we also explore the common threads and insights from the peace movement during the U.S. war on Vietnam and U.S.-Israel genocide in Palestine

All power to our youth on the front lines!

Featured Guests:

Nour: a Palestinian, coordinates CODEPINK’s Palestine campaign that offers a toolkit for petitions, ceasefire resolutions, film recommendations for teach-in’s and more.. A graduate from DePaul University in Chicago with a bachelor’s degree in international studies, Nour has been organizing with campus protesters in Chicago and providing support nationwide with letter-writing campaigns to back up student demands for university divestment from corporations profiting from Israel’s genocide.

Moataz Salim: a PhD student in clinical psychology at George Washington University whose family is from Gaza, has been an organizer of the encampment at GWU that began on April 25. Before that, he had been joining CODEPINK in Congress almost every day for the past 3 months, pushing for a ceasefire and no more weapons to Israel.

Julia Norman: a MA student at American University studying Global Environmental Policy, and the new DC Coordinator for CODEPINK.  She joins CODEPINK each day lobbying in Congress ans spends her free time at the ongoing protest outside the Israeli Embassy.

Phyllis Bennis: Director of the New Internationalism Project at IPS, focusing on the Middle East, U.S. militarism, and UN issues. She is also a fellow of the Transnational Institute in Amsterdam. In 2001 she helped found the U.S. Campaign for Palestinian Rights and more recently spent six years on the board of Jewish Voice for Peace, where she now serves as its International Adviser. Phyllis will explore the people power behind the anti-Vietnam war movement of the 60s and the Palestine solidarity movement for liberation today.






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