Who Deserves the Nobel Prize?

Posted by CODEPINK Staff

Years ago on at Whistler Mountain run

Exhausted at the end of day from the altitude and sun

I fell with arms outstretched  and experienced  a terrible jolt

Dislocating my shoulder- the pain like a lightning bolt.


The pain was in truth beyond excruciating

And in truth totally debilitating

Being  trained I swiftly popped it back into place

And continued down hill a few yards at a pace.


But caught a ski edge and crashed again—the searing pain beyond belief-

Fortunately  quickly reduced with instant relief

But as I rose on my ski poles to be on my way

It popped out again—that was all I could take


So after reducing the shoulder for the third time

In three minutes I removed the skis

And laboriously in the deep snow trudged

Down the slopes to the beckoning lodge


So at the same time Obama is pledging undying devotion

To Netanyahu and the Israeli nation

We learn of CodePink’s Medea Benjamin’s deportation

Following her overnight Cairo Airport incarceration


And after being manhandled by “five scary guys” she said

Who pushed her to the ground and cuffed her so tight she bled

Then trounced her, broke her arm and her shoulder dislocated

Then whisked her to a Turkish Airliner  that reluctantly waited.


So with her pain I totally empathize

Its contemplation  brings tears to my eyes

To think of this non-violent peace loving harmless person

Being mistreated treated so brutally is beyond comprehension


But in a sense this demonstrates the power of CodePink

For petite Medea  must be considered  a threat to the system I think

Who was it that ordered these five massive brutes to attack--

Like a howling wolf pack stomping on her back?


The  Square captured Egyptians dramatically

In their heart- wrenching struggle for liberty

And  for a government of dignity.

Serving  all the people with inclusivity


It documents the overthrow of a tyrant that was hated

And the subsequent exchange  of one oppressor for another

But in the end true to recent  history

Power resided in the military—no mystery.


The real betrayal of the Egyptian people is by the US

Who supported Mubarak over  thirty years of duress?

Who rendered persons there for torture?

And Medea too was herself brutally tortured


Our oxymoronic nobel-prize winning president we see

Still supports   the Egyptian military

For on  military dictators we seem to insist

On supplying them used armaments-- we just can’t resist.


And  the commander (and assassin) in chief is willing

And even admits he has a knack for killing

And considering his NSA has wire-tapped the whole world in deed

It must be known who did this dastardly deed.


And now I should point out on my own

Medea has fought for peace and opposed the drones

And pointed out the administrations lies

Does not Medea and CodePink deserve the Nobel prize?



HP Charman MD  3-4-2014

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