What CODEPINK SF did on the 4th of July, 2020!


By Nancy Keiler, CODEPINK SF 

Martha, Nancy, Renay, Jane and at least a dozen other people displayed banners made by Barbara (DEMILITARIZE and MAKE AMERICA LOVE AGAIN), Renay (DEFUND WAR) and Martha (PEACE).

We went to the Highland Avenue Bridge, close to the Mission/Bernal/Noe neighborhoods of San Francisco. Jane, a local artist stencil/chalked messages of Peace and Black Lives Matter on the sidewalk.

From 10 am until 11 am motorists saw banners hanging from both directions, coming both into and out of San Francisco. Motorists and pedestrians on the Highland Avenue bridge were entertained by our presence, and were welcomed to join us. The action went well, not a whole lot of traffic but there was a whole lot of honking horns.

We may be back next month (8/1). Stay tuned.

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