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We Heart Beirut

In a show of solidarity and love, CODEPINK is joining humanitarian efforts for Beirut after a devastating explosion ravaged the Lebanese capital. The huge explosion has killed over 200 people, wounded others, left 300,000 without a home and caused massive damage. CODEPINK has embarked on a trip to Beirut to bear witness to the devastation on the ground by meeting with humanitarian workers, volunteering with NGOs, visiting the hospitals and camps. While in the country, we want to show our friends in Lebanon that they are not forgotten. We will make every effort to keep telling their stories. Check back here for daily postings and follow Sarah Himadeh and Nancy Mancias on Instagram. Also, it’s important to pressure the US government to halt economic sanctions on Lebanon. If you haven’t already done so, tell US Secretary of the Treasury Steve Mnuchin to rescind his decision to impose sanctions. We know that economic sanctions rarely affect the targeted groups or individuals; in most cases, sanctions have the opposite effect where the most vulnerable citizens end up feeling the brunt of the country's financial penalties. Imposing sanctions on a country that is facing numerous crises could not have come at a worse time. 

Blog posts and alerts

On my way to Beirut: Message from Nancy Mancias

I brought your love to Beirut: Message from Nancy Mancias upon her return

How to Help Lebanon

Donate to one of the following NGOs working on the ground in Beirut, Lebanon: