War Criminals everywhere!

Posted by CODEPINK Staff

Last week and this coming week are full of news about war criminals. Last week Obama met in a closed door meeting with human rights advocates to try to co-opt them into approving his shocking plan to extend Bush's Military Commissions. Someone leaked the contents of the meeting to Michael Isikoff, whom Rachel Maddow interviews here.

The next day, Obama stood hypocritically in front of the original Constitution and announced extending Bush's unconstitutional tribunals to include preventive, "prolonged detention," like in "Minority Report," the movie about imprisoning people because they might do something bad. This means you and me, folks. Maddow and Vincent Warren, of the Center for Constitutional Rights, nail it again here.

On Friday, a San Francisco judge gave the Justice Department a week to release a document about illegal wire-tapping that they've withheld, claiming "state secrets". The Obama Administration is using the same unconstitutional dodges that the former Bush Administration did.
This coming Thursday, 5/28, we will hold protests against Jay Bybee, one of the torture memo authors, at the six courthouses where the 9th Circuit Federal Appeals Court sits. Bybee has a lifetime appointment to this court, and should be disbarred, prosecuted, and impeached. If you're in or near Portland, Seattle, Pasadena, San Francisco, Anchorage, or Honolulu, please participate! We are demanding the House Judiciary Committee [pdf download here] begin impeachment immediately.

Attention, Michigan! Also on Thursday, Bush himself will be at the Economic Club of S.W Michigan, in Benton Harbor. More details to follow as we get them! Go get him!

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