VIDEO: Nancy K. on The Young Turks re: Oxfam, Ahava, Kristin Davis

Posted by CODEPINK Staff

On talk show The Young Turks last night, Nancy Kricorian, coordinator of our new "Stolen Beauty" boycott campaign against Ahava Dead Sea Laboratories, describes the crazy story that blew up yesterday around Oxfam International's suspension of "Sex & the City" star Kristin Davis as its spokesperson because of her role as spokesperson with Ahava. The Israeli company uses resources from the Occupied West Bank, which violates international laws including those of the 4th Geneva Convention, a practice that Oxfam itself has explicitly, publicly opposed. CODEPINK blew the lid on this last month with the launch of "Stolen Beauty" and its bikini and mud-clad demonstrations in beauty shops nationwide. Pretty awkward, huh, if your spokesperson is spokesperson for a company with the same illegal practices you oppose?

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