Update from a CODEPINK Supporter in DC's Occupied Freedom Plaza

Posted by CODEPINK Staff

Lionel Heredia here, videographer from Los Angeles.

I felt the calling to go to the capital of my country and video document the Occupation of D.C. For me the experience was wonderfully electrifying as so many people from all parts of the country and the world came pouring in. Combine that with local D.C. residents and you have powerful activated people who all agree on how broken this system is. Occupation movements have broken out all over the country and the world with no end in sight as I see it. I met many wonderful people in D.C.

The Occupation movement is so big with Code Pink that spoiled little Glenn Beck recently mentioned both on the Bill O'Reily show. Beck alluded to the Occupation movement as a Marxist cover and Code Pink as trouble makers. How such a stupid absurd man like Beck is allowed to even speak is a miracle and a shame to any level headed American. His condescending views of the poor and hard working Americans reminds me of the attitude the English Parliament had toward  Americans in the 1770's. We know how that turned out!

The Occupation movement in D.C. is something that everyone should come to, visit and support even on a limited basis. Our future and our freedoms are in the balance and like the people of Egypt, we need to make the hard changes ourselves and regulate big corporate influence with a heavy hand once and for all. WWW.October2011.org  is a great way to get involved now more than ever you your life.

The big financial corporations have betrayed us just as these phony wars have, for profit. Over $4 Trillion dollars now spent on wars based on lies, betrayals and falsehoods are producing nothing but a failing economy with high unemployment, high suicide rates for veterans, mounting forecloses and climbing unemployment. All while Wall Street and certain elected officials benefit immensely by keeping these wars going. This has all got to stop now and the American people are rising up as never before. Winter is coming and I encourage anyone reading this to support the D.C. Occupation in any way you can. The Wall Street movements are considering a National Convention to begin appointing their own representatives around July 4, 2012 to influence the elections. Meanwhile support www.October2011.org  and support Code Pink, Stay tuned.....

We hold these truths to be self evident.......


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