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Uncovering the Arms Trade: The Arms Sales We Aren't Told About

When Congress gets notified about a weapons sale by the U.S. to another country, the general public generally finds out about it, too. Information on high-value sales is more easily available as they pass the "threshold" amount. Yet what about the sales under the threshold? Congress never needs to be notified, and we are left in the dark on sales that add up to billions and billions of dollars. 

Lillian Mauldin is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin holding a BA in Honors International Relations and Global Studies with a minor in Arabic. She is a founding member of Women for Weapons Trade Transparency and a Thematic Specialist with Amnesty International USA’s Military, Security, and Police Transfers Coordination Group. She was a summer 2021 participant in the US Department of State Critical Language Scholarship and a summer 2021 Policy Intern at Forum on the Arms Trade. Lillian hopes to continue her career in the arms control and nonproliferation field, ideally lobbying for decreased defense budgets and more rigorous arms export control laws.

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