TONIGHT on Bill Moyers: Online Discussion on Afghanistan

Posted by CODEPINK Staff

Please tune into Bill Moyers tonight and join the online conversation on the Moyers Blog about the larger military strategy in Afghanistan:
Bill Moyers Journal, Friday, January 30, 2009 on PBS
On the heels of the American drone attacks on suspected terrorist compounds in Pakistan, Bill Moyers Journal takes a closer look at America's history of and current policy on bombing, explores the ethics behind these assaults when civilians become the victims and asks: Does bombing work? Bill Moyers sits down with historian Marilyn B. Young, co-editor of the forthcoming BOMBING CIVILIANS: A TWENTIETH CENTURY HISTORY and former Pentagon official Pierre Sprey, who developed military airplanes and helped found the military reform movement.

CODEPINK has been in the front lines against Obama's proposed troop increase in Afghanistan.  Earlier this week in the CODEPINK ALERT, we reacted to the Obama's decision to send unmanned drones into Pakistan.  Our policy in Afghanistan & Pakistan should be one of Diplomacy & Development not Drones & Destruction.  Here is an excerpt from the alert:
While we appreciate the steps Obama took during his first week in office to bring our country back into line with international treaties by moving to close Guantanamo, to reject the Military Commissions Act, and to end torture, he also authorized unmanned drone attacks in Pakistan, in direct contravention of international law, and an attack in Afghanistan that resulted in the deaths of many civilians. [...]

With the end of the disastrous Bush years, we had hoped for a change in foreign policy direction. We do see glimmers of hope in the new administration's reaching out to Iran for direct negotiations and in the appointment of George Mitchell as the special envoy to Israel and Palestine. But what we have seen this past week in Pakistan and Afghanistan is not encouraging.

Call Obama today at 202-456-1414 or send an email by clicking here to say "Remember: 'Your people will judge you on what you can build, not what you destroy.' We need a surge in diplomacy and development, not a surge in violence."

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