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Thursday: Spring Cleaning of Congress!

CODEPINK's Spring Cleaning is part of a series of events hosted by Spring Rising 2015 from March 18-21 with lots of peace groups.



March 16, 2015

Dear Activist,

It's Spring Cleaning time! Join CODEPINK DC as we "clean up" the messy offices of Democrats and Republicans who are trying to sabotage President Obama's nuclear negotiations with Iran. We'll dust away the cobwebs of war, wipe up the bloody fingerprintsof lobbyists and scrub out the marks left by the grubby hands of defense contractors all over our elected officials!

Where: Meet in the Dirksen Senate Building Cafeteria and from there we'll visit offices!
When: Thursday, March 19. Meet in the cafeteria at9:30am, depart for first office at 10:00am! Can't find us? Call Alli at (860)-575-5692 or Medea at (415) 235-6517.
Bonus: At 11:00am we'll do an extreme makeoverof Senator Tom Cotton's office (Russell Senate Building room B-33)! .
Bring: A cleaning utensil! 

CODEPINK's Spring Cleaning is part of a series of events hosted by Spring Rising 2015 from March 18-21 with lots of peace groups. Spring Rising includes actions, rallies, and lectures to commemorate the beginning of the Iraq war, speak out against US military intervention in the Middle East, and support nuclear talks with Iran. 

Here’s more exciting events (all details can be found here):

Thursday March 19, 1:00pm: Bus tour to visit corporations and organizations that profit from war. Register here to join the bus tour and to read more information! 
Saturday March 21, 12:00pm: Rally outside the White House organized by the ANSWER Coalition. March through Chinatown to Capitol building begins at 1:00pm! 

There’s a lot more happening this week. Check out the full schedule of events here!

With hope for peace in 2015,

Alli, Janet, Jodie, Katie, Katy, Medea, Michelle, Nalini, Nancy, Nathan, Sergei, Sophia and Tighe