The U.S. Airways crash and the American will to survive

Posted by CODEPINK Staff

Mary Perkins Harris, an inspiring Los Angeles-based CODEPINK leader, has written this beautiful piece in the wake Thursday's U.S. Airways plane crash into the Hudson River outside New York City. Everyone survived.

They're calling the U.S. Airways crash a miracle.  It's not a miracle, it's America.

We've forgotten who we really are in America.  Beaten down by eight years of the Bush administration and so many people in power doing so much evil to our society, we don't see the true spirit of America when it presents itself on the front page.

U.S. Airways crash represents all that is good in our country -- all that we have to look forward to again.  We now have a skillful pilot, we have people on the ground ready to pitch in to help.  Sure, crashing into the Hudson and "ditching" the plane caused some distress, no doubt. There are some broken bones, hypothermia, shock and fear. But they are alive, and grateful and ready to move on.

With the right pilot, thoughtful support staff, compassionate bystanders, and passengers that are eager to do the right thing, we will all survive. We'll be stronger, more united, and more grateful. We are America -- again. Thank you U.S. Airways and pilot Sullenberger for reminding us that we have all that we need to survive a crash, let's trust our flight crew and embrace a new era.

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