The People’s BlackRock Stakeholders Protest

On May 21, 2020, CODEPINK along with partnering organizations and activist friends BlackRock’s Big Problem, World BEYOND War, American Friends Service Committee, ShowUp America, MoMA Divest, Don’t Bank on the Bomb, Hassan El-Tayyab, and Amanda Gomez from Pitzer College participated in a virtual protest to counter the annual BlackRock shareholders protest. Watch it now on YouTube.

Also, check out the interview with Nancy Mancias, a Divest Campaigner with CODEPINK, on the Rising Up show with Sonali Kolhatkar. Mancias talks about CODEPINK becoming BlackRock shareholders. 


 Next, view and listen to the questions that Kelsey Zazanis and Emily Dorrel submitted over Twitter to BlackRock ahead of its annual shareholders meeting.


Finally, listen to Nancy Mancias discuss the upcoming BlackRock virtual protest and the divest from the war machine campaign with Jan Weinberg, Yousef Zakaria from CODEPINK NYC, and Greta Zarro from World BEYOND War. 



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