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Play State of the Union 2019 BINGO with CODEPINK

The 2019 State of the Union will be Tuesday, February 5 at 9 pm EST (6 pm PT).  Print out this CODEPINK Bingo card below and play along with us! When you get Bingo, take a picture of your card and tweet it (and/or post it to Facebook) with the hashtags #SOTU #CODEPINK If you are not on any social media platforms, you can email the picture to us at [email protected] instead. Be sure to also watch the Democratic Response delivered by Stacey Abrams and take action to end the war in Yemen and oppose the US-backed coup in Venezuela.

Instructions to play State of the Union Bingo:

  • Download a letter-size/A4 printable version of the bingo card here or by clicking the image below
  • When you hear Trump mention something from a square, you mark it off with an X or place a bean, penny, or other marker, there.
  • The center “Make America Great” space is FREE, so you can mark it off immediately.
  • Once you get five squares in a row — horizontally, vertically or diagonally — you win!

Bingo Card