Since Syd Barrett Left

Posted by CODEPINK Staff

Comedy Central does it again with the "skewering" and the "humor" on their "political" blog INDECISION 2008.

They've got this fantastic device they use in which they sing popular American songs, like "God Bless America." But they change the lyrics all around all crazy-like and whammo! they're subversive protest songs, like "I Miss America." Let me tell you, it's very effective!

Not to be too much of a snot, but how much more effective is sitting around blogging snarkily from the couch over retooling patriotic symbols exactly? I'd love to hear the math on that.

Funnier though is the single comment on the piece: "Code Pink have sucked since Syd Barrett left in '69."

Oh god. . . . It's funny because it's true.

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