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Shut Down Creech 2017


RISE, LOVE, RESIST with us as we Shut Down Creech this year! 

April 23-29, 2017

National Mobilization to Resist Militarized Drones and Perpetual Wars

Please join us in the beautiful Nevada Desert just north of Las Vegas for the 3rd Annual Weeklong Amazing Peace Convergence known as: Shut Down Creech. Be part of the global effort to RESIST Drone Killing and Global Militarization.  

#FeminismNotMilitarism #ShutDownCreech

WHERE: Camp Justice Peace Encampment, across from one of the most key drone control bases in the U.S.   

This year's preliminary program is still evolving, but with our creative volunteers, Luna and Flora, co-chairs of the Programming Group, joyful & inspirational activities and embellishments are sure to please! Mike Rufo is back to ROCK US OUT on Tuesday's concert night!  

Other Hot News....Heads Up:

Preparations for nonviolent direct action will take place on Mon. & Tues, April 24 & 25, to prepare for a large nonviolent drone resistance action planned on Wednesday, April 26.  Arriving by Mon. morning is highly encouraged so that those risking arrest, AND all support people can be well prepared. We encourage local affinity groups to consider and/or plan other forms of nonviolent resistance before arrival.

  • Mon. & Tues, April 24-25, Las Vegas Trials for "Citizen's Arrest" of Creech Commander action

3 Anti-drone activists are on trial for Nov. 2016 action:  Read story & watch video. (Joseba Zulaika and Toby Blomé are on trial Mon. and Christian Stalberg is on trial Tues.)

  • Monday, April 24 (& Wednesday 26), Special Event:  National Bird, film screening in Las Vegas with featured guests 
7:30-9:30pm, 2 Drone Whistleblowers to speak at University of Nevada, at screening of drone documentary, National Bird (NOTE: Tentative Time - To be confirmed soon).
FMI about this powerful documentary:     
  • Tuesday, April 25, Concert, Featuring Mike Rufo & Guests:

Mike Rufo brought his rocking music & song to Shut Down Creech last year and was quite a hit. Watch this cool music video from Creech, featuring Mike Rufo on guitar by Nico Colombant.

  • Wednesday, April 26, Day of mass nonviolent direct action

Planning and preparation will take place at Camp Justice on Monday and Tuesday to include nonviolence training. Pre-camp planning by "affinity groups" encouraged in weeks before.

  • Thursday, April 27, Human Wall Against Racism & Hate: TRUMP HOTEL, Las Vegas

11am-1pm, NO DRONES, NO BAN, NO WALLS.....Protect the planet from Trump's Hate.  Large drone model to attend!
Flashmob Dance in Las Vegas afterwards, followed by Creecher's Talent Show in evening back at Camp Justice. Collaborating with local human rights activists.

  • Friday, April 28, "Creating A PEACE Community"

Full day of formal and informal activities to help energize and build a growing anti-drone, anti-militarism global effort: connecting, debriefing, brainstorming, strategizing & nurturing.  We will end with a "Celebratory Feast" and some after dinner surprises.

Now more than ever, the times demand that we resist US drone assassinations and perpetual wars! WE MUST RISE, LOVE, RESIST!

Join CODEPINK, Veterans For Peace, Nevada Desert Experience, and Voices for Creative Nonviolence for this crucial protest at Creech Air Force Base.  In each of the last two years, nearly 150 activists, including over 50 veterans, joined us from 20 different states across the country.  In a series of imaginative nonviolent direct actions, involving the arrest of dozens of activists, we were able to disrupt business as usual. We would not have been so successful without the many ways everyone contributed.  At this crucial point in history, please help make SHUT DOWN CREECH 2017 an even more powerful stance against drone killing and global militarism. Encourage your friends and relatives to come and "stand with" our Muslim sisters & brothers in the circle of life!

Please Contact Us and let us know how we can make Shut Down Creech even better in 2017!

Many other activities on our website.  Hope you will join us! Can’t come?  Please offer your frequent flyer peace mileage to someone who can.

Check out the updated website and register here. Though not required, registration better enables us to serve everyone's needs. For more complete info, go to

RISE, LOVE, RESIST with us as we Shut Down Creech! 

Recent videos of our successful work at Creech:

Shut DownCreech 2016, (4 min);  Fall 2016 CODEPINK Action, (6 min);  ShutDownCreech 2015, (25 min); MusicVideo #1, (4 min);  Music Video #2,  (3 min)  (music videos by Nico Colombant)


Can we count you in?




Camp Justice Peace Encampment, across from one of the most key drone control bases in the U.S.
Las Vegas, NV, United States,

Google map and directions


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