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Shut Down Creech: Fall 2021

National Mobilization to Peacefully Stop U.S. Drone Wars

Join the Fall 2021 Shut Down Creech Delegation!

This fall will mark the 12th year CODEPINK, Veterans for Peace + allies have gathered at Creech Air Force Base for weeklong, nonviolent actions to resist the U.S. drone assassination program! People from all over the country attend Shut Down Creech twice per year to demonstrate against U.S. state-sponsored global terrorism. At Shut Down Creech, there are vigils twice a day during shift changes plus other creative demonstrations throughout the day.

Our Fall Action is dedicated to the Defenseless Drone Victims living under and terrorized daily by U.S. Drones. We thank all the courageous drone whistleblowers, whose actions helped give a voice for the voiceless drone victims around the globe. Drone whistleblower Daniel Hale is currently serving 45 months in jail for unveiling the truth about the covert and brutal U.S. Drone Assassination Program. Learn more about how to support Daniel Hale here!

Fall Dates: September 26 - October 2, 2021

Important: You can arrange to participate for the entire week of actions, or for as many days as you can! Use the link below to contact organizers about your plans.

Want to Learn More? Watch our Webinar on Shut Down Creech Click Here!

Questions? Check these Resources:

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Creech Air Force Base
Creech Air Force Base, Indian Springs, NV 89018, United States,

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