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Send condolences to Lebanon, France, Iraq and Syria

At the end of last week, we witnessed horrific attacks that left scores dead and hundreds wounded in Beirut, Baghdad and Paris. These brutal and unconscionable strikes against civilians have been attributed to members of The Islamic State (ISIS), or Daesh (Da’ish). People in Syria are also being slaughtered every day by Daesh and the murderous Assad regime.

Send your condolence note with your signature to the people of France, Lebanon, Iraq, and Syria, and we will hand deliver them to their embassies in Washington DC (except for Syria).

To the people of France, Lebanon, Iraq, and Syria,

We send you our condolences with broken hearts from the violence that has torn apart your families. What has happened to your countries is incomprehensible and unjustifiable.

Those of us who live in the West must look to our own imperial state violence, including the disastrous, immoral, and illegal U.S. invasion of Iraq, as having created the chaos that allowed the spread of these “non-state” actors who now threaten indiscriminate violence from the Middle East to Europe.

We believe that all people deserve to live in peace and unafraid. All lives are precious.

In love and solidarity,

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