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Send a message of love, solidarity, and commitment to freedom from war to Syrians by using the hashtags #heartswithAleppo, #SaveSyria #SyriansRighttolife. Be present. Let people know you bear witness to their struggle and that they are on your mind and in your heart. Browse Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to identify those directly impacted by the Holocaust in Aleppo and the Syrian War, if they seem to be making frequent posts, tag them in your post. Send them a friend request and send a message. We have included a list of Syrian people active on Twitter, who we have identified as actively reporting from a position of being directly impacted by the atrocities. Tag them in your post. The list of their accounts is below. You can make a video, sing a song, recite a poem, play music, or post a drawing. We have made a ready to share image and messages in English and Arabic (see below). Copy and paste them into your posts with the hashtags.

1. نحن نقف ضد الحرب في سوريا، نحن ندرك حقكم في السلام و الحرية من الاعتداء، انا اتعهد بان ادعمكم في اوقات اليأس

We stand against war in Syria. We recognize your right to peace and freedom from violence. I pledge to support you in times of despair

2. انت لست وحدك ، انت في افكاري، اتمني لك السلام من الحرب، انا هنا لامنحك الحب والدعم

You are not alone, you are in my thoughts. I wish you peace and

freedom from war. I am here to offer love and support.

hashtags: #HeartswithAleppo #SaveSyria #SyriansRighttoLife  

#قلوبنا مع سوريا
#انقذ سوريا
#حق السوريين للحياة

Syrians Addressing the atrocities on Twitter:

@MalekAlshemali @Rami_Zien @AlabedBana @Linashamy @montheretaky @ZouhirAlShimale

Ramah Kudaimi @ramahkudaimi, Mohamad Shbeeb @ShSam94, Bana Alabed Verified account @AlabedBana, Ihsan 4 syria @ihsan4syria, Il Gattaro D' Aleppo @theAleppoCatman,ياسر أبو الجود

@yasserhemeish, Ahmad Alkhatib @AhmadAlkhtiib, Ismail Alabdullah @ishmael12345611, Bilal Abdul Kareem @BilalKareem, Sami @Paradoxy13, Abdussamad Dagül @AbdussamadDagul, Wissam Zarqa

@WissamZarqa, Yousef Talha @ysef22884, Mahmoud Rashwani @MahmoudRashwani, Waad alkateab

@waadalkateab, Ahmad makiya @ahmad_makiya1, Malek Tarboush @SyrianDeveloper, @Mojahedaboaljod, محمد سرحيل @Mohammad_Sarhel, 3aber Sabeel عابر @MojtahidSyria, Monther/منذر

@sameerramzi, Marcellita @Marcellita OCHA Syria Verified account @OCHA_Syria

لبيب النحاس @LabibAlNahhas, محمود حسانو @Mahmoud_Hasano

History and Facts

Diplomacy and Finding a Political Solution

Refugee Suffering

How You Can Help

Don't Strike Syria!


Don't let Trump use US missiles to cause more death and destruction in #Syria. Tell your Senators and Reps to invoke the War Powers Act to stop unconstitutional strikes on Syria.

USA Out of Syria


Issues of war and peace should not be a partisan game. Tell Democratic leaders, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, to support the withdrawal of US troops from Syria and Afghanistan. No matter how much we might dislike Trump (and for many of us, that’s quite a lot), we shouldn’t object to decisions that move us out of never-ending conflicts.

Oppose H.R. 31!



Ever since Trump announced US withdrawal from Syria, the forces of war have been having a temper tantrum, trying to reverse the decision. Their latest attempt is H.R. 31, legislation that would impose new levels of sanctions on Syria with unrealistic conditions that would have to be met before the penalties could be suspended.

This is a controversial bill and we are concerned about plans in the House to use a fast-track procedure meant for non-controversial bills. Send a message now to your Representative that you oppose H.R. 31 and not to fast-track it.

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