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Tell the Senate: Block Weapon Sales to the Saudis!

The Saudi-led military coalition is continuing its brutal bombing campaign in Yemen, killing 19 people, mostly children, in a residential area and a school in northern Yemen on August 13 and at least 15 more in a strike on a hospital two days later. The months-long bombing of Yemen by Saudi Arabia – using U.S.-made F-15s and munitions – has lead to a humanitarian crisis so bad that the U.N. calls it a “catastrophe.” With these brutal attacks resuming, why on Earth has the Obama administration approved ANOTHER $1.15 billion in weapons sales to the Saudis?

Congress can block the sale of these weapons, but they have only 30 days from the agreement date to do so. Making matters worse, Congress is currently in the middle of a month-long recess, so they’ll have to take up legislation blocking the sale IMMEDIATELY after coming back from recess post-Labor Day weekend. We need to put maximum pressure on every member of Congress NOW if we’re going to succeed.

Contact your Senators NOW and demand that they block the sale of additional weapons to Saudi Arabia using the form below!