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Saudi Arabia

Don’t Sportswash Saudi Crimes!

We are calling on Charley Hull, Georgia Hall, Carlota Ciganda, and Anne Van Dam to not compete in the Ladies European Tournament happening in Saudi Arabia. Saudi leadership is trying to sportswash their human rights violations and the competitors in this tournament need to stand for what is right.

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Tell Congress: No Fake Iranian Threat to Sell More Weapons to Saudi Arabia!

The Trump administration is planning to bypass Congress and sell $8 billion dollars worth of weapons to Saudi Arabia and the UAE  so these countries can “defend themselves from Iran.” We know that Saudi Arabia is the biggest threat in the region and creating the worst humanitarian crisis in the world in Yemen. 

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Why is Loujain Al Hathoul Still Imprisoned?

She’s been waterboarded, electrocuted, sexually harassed, beaten, and imprisoned. Her crime? Advocating for women’s rights in Saudi Arabia, including the right to drive! Sign our petition to #FreeLoujain! 

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