Saturday Night Live takes a stab at Obama (Video)

Posted by CODEPINK Staff

As usual, SNL hits the nail on the head.  Saturday Night Live took a stab at Obama this past week for his failure to accomplish ... well, much of anything.  Despite the tea-partiers and deathers and Glenn-Beck-watchers decrying Obama for destroying our country with "socialist" or "facist" or "communist" agenda, the Left are the ones who should be disappointed with the President. Despite his campaign promises, SNL points out he has failed to close Guantanamo Bay, make strides towards leaving Iraq, improve the situation in Afghanistan, prosecute torture, pass healthcare reform, or repeal Don't Ask Don't Tell or DOMA.

Here are a few more campaign promises that we set out to "Remind Obama" starting at the inauguration.

Think the video is unfair to Obama?  Or are there other items you would like to add to his "Not Done" list?  Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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