Revolts and Rebellions - Arundhati Roy

Posted by CODEPINK Staff

David Barsamian, independent journalist and founder of Alternative Radio, interviews Arundhati Roy about Kashmir, post-colonial states, the elite of India's war against the people, the strength of the maoist movement and the participation of women. A wide ranging interview with Arundhati Roy by Alternative Radio's David Barsamian.

Beyond the hoopla of robust growth rates and hype about the world's largest democracy, India is beset by major revolts and rebellions over a vast area. Some, like the one in Kashmir, are for independence. Others, like the multiple uprisings in what the media call the "Red Corridor" are for the overthrow of the government. These various movements are in response to serious economic and social problems and the racism of Hindu nationalism. The seizure of land, water, and minerals by corporations chaperoned and sanctioned by the state has caused the poorest of the poor to say: No More. They are pushing back. Washington ignores India's internal realities. Instead it sees New Delhi as a hot destination for investment, a bazaar for arms sales, and as a strategic linchpin in its planned anti-China alliance.

Release Date: 8/12/2011      Article Source: Deep Dish TV

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