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Real Diplomacy

Real Diplomacy


We must turn US policy on Korea from one of “maximum pressure” to “maximum engagement.”  Join us in thanking the South Korean people and South Korean President Moon for leading the way to a diplomatic meeting between North Korea and the US:

Dear President Moon and the South Korean people,

Thanks to your hard work, we now have an opportunity for real diplomacy between North Korea and the United States. Your leadership shows the deep yearning people on both sides of the Korean Peninsula have for peace, and reflects our own sentiments here in the United States.

We will now do everything we can to use this opportunity you have achieved to move US policy from “maximum pressure” to “maximum engagement.” We will push for a formal peace treaty and concrete steps to achieve a nuclear-free world.

Your skills in diplomacy and tireless efforts to achieve peace are paying off. We look forward to a productive South/North summit in April and a productive US-North Korea meeting in April.

The whole world is grateful for your masterful diplomacy that has pulled us back from the brink of war.


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