Ramsey County Jail Call Two: Milholland's Progress

Posted by CODEPINK Staff

Attempting to pin down the status of CODEPINKer Kathryn Milholland, arrested in the giant September 1st sweep that saw 284 others jailed on the fly, I called her cell, hoping she'd just, you know, pick up! And be like, Hello! I'm not in jail anymore!

Unfortunately, I had to leave a message and am now on hold with the Ramsey County Jail Administration. When the administrator gets back on the phone, she tells me Milholland is still awaiting charges. The "huge batch of people [arrested] all at one time" has apparently created a "backlog," according to the administrator on the phone.

Although we were told that the original release time was expected to be noon today, she can be held until 4:50 today at which point she will either be released or charged. We are asked to call back at that time.

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