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Today's New York Daily News report, "Rambunctious Clinton loyalists make anti-war protestors look sober, savvy"--ha ha ha ha ha, it's funny for two reasons, one of them being the anonymous CODEPINKer text-message I got late last evening regarding bloody marys--relays the nastiness and disruptions caused by moderate democrats formerly backing the former first lady for president.

A scheduled pro-Clinton march through downtown Denver Tuesday is co-sponsored by a group called PUMA, whose initials stand for "Party Unity My Ass."

This demonstration has no conceivable purpose other than to embarrass and weaken Obama at a critical moment in the campaign. There is no bargain to be struck, no goal that anyone can bestow on the Hillary tantrum-throwers.

Now two friends of mine know this PUMA guy—like, slept-with level know—and they seem to believe PUMA was started as a way to get on Fox News. Which, the afternoon the "organization" was announced, he did. And now he appears regularly. As if he were part of a movement. And he is the leader.

All of this is fine, of course—politics as usual, even (PUMA could start straight-up throwing McCain rallies and no one would bat an eye)—but it is pretty dumb. Dumber, even, than crazy pink sheep costumes or what have you, and significantly dumber than the anti-war message hidden like a wolf inside them. Gael Murphy provides one:

"Five or six times, Congress has clearly passed resolutions or bills that say there will not be permanent bases in Iraq. And yet, we're talking about possibly 50,000, (or) 60,000 troops remaining. The bases being built there look very permanent to us."

"The topic was deadly serious," the report reads, "but the CodePink ladies were clearly having fun."

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