PRESS POINT: CODEPINK in the news Oct. 20-26

Posted by CODEPINK Staff

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Tons in the news this past week:

Janine Boneparth, Rae Abileah, Keiko Schnelle, Nancy Mancias and Blaine Clarke of CODEPINK in San Francisco made headlines everywhere (!!) with their disruption of Karl Rove (and Janine's attempted citizen's arrest) at the Mortgage Banker Association's conference. Here's one in the Wall Street Journal, two in the Times (this story ran with a huge photo in the print section and this one ), USA Today here, UK Guardian here, CNN video here (it made the homepage and CNN made it the headline a t-shirt), Democracy Now here, AlterNet here (the editor-in-chief e-mailed Jodie to say it was in the top 10 stories as of the weekend, which is amazing for a "protest" story), a fun analysis on SFist (blog) here... and more, but you get the gist. Several women were interviewed on various radio stations; Hillary in Florida wrote me to say she heard Janine on Tom Hartmann's show Friday (still tracking down the link). Awesome job!! Just the day before, Medea disrupted Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae's CEO panel discussion (photo in San Fran here) , and it was mentioned in several stories above. I found this column, too, by a random blogger on Associated Content. It's interesting commentary on the event that links our ongoing conversation on the effectiveness and purpose behind CODEPINK's "theatrics."
A New York Times education piece here profiled CODEPINK NYC's Barbara Harris and her work organizing volunteers to talk with parents/students at NYC Parent-Teacher Conferences about recruitment in schools and No Child Left Behind's policy to send students' information to the military unless they opt-out. It was a great story (though we regret the reporter did not mention other coalition groups involved in the anti-recruitment work).

And the Jocelyne Voltaire story is STILL moving! We really struck a nerve with the public and the press. Democracy Now! ran this piece Thursday, the Queens Chronicle ran this piece (with photo) Thursday, and more may be in the works. We'll keep you posted....

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