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Don’t let a torture apologizing drone lover become the next leader of the CIA!

Mike Morell, who has refused to condemn the U.S. torture program and who has praised the CIA use of killer drones, is a leading contender to become the next director of the CIA. Tell President-elect Biden not to nominate him!

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Tell Biden: Support the human rights and dignity of the Sahrawii people

Occupation is not okay, whether in Palestine or Western Sahara. Sign our letter asking Biden to reverse, by executive order, Trump’s declaration of Moroccan sovereignty over Western Sahara.

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Be a President for Peace

Add your name to our Ten Points for Peace petition to president-elect Biden calling on him to develop a feminist foreign policy and be a president for peace!

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Yes We Care!

We thought the 2016 election was bumpy, stressful, emotional, and unlike any other, and now here we are in 2020, in the middle of a pandemic with cities boarded up in preparation for post-election fallout. CODEPINK will be here to cultivate community, foster love, and build peace, in our streets, in Congress, and around the world. We are ever more determined to lead forward, knowing that yes we can build a more peaceful and just world at home and abroad. Check out our page of resources for taking care of yourself and your community during and after the election.

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