Praise for 'To Cuba With Love'

“This was a once in a lifetime experience to catch a glimpse of authentic Cuba - the country's leadership, values, culture and people, in the company of dynamic and soulful compatriots. I found every aspect of our journey deeply rewarding and inspiring!”

-Kimberly Ardwell


“As a life-long, global political junkie who has longed to experience Cuba since childhood, Code Pink's ‘To Cuba with Love’ delegation answered the mail on all counts covering equal rights, education, healthcare, sustainability, organic farming, art, music, dance, history...everything! What are you waiting for? Pack your bags!”

-Cindy Heil


"A trip with CODEPINK to Cuba guarantees an amazing depth of understanding, behind the scenes opportunities, and a level of insight and solidarity with the Cuban people unheard of with regular tours.  You owe it to yourself, your community and your worldview to travel to Cuba with CODEPINK!"

-Jef Schultz


“CODEPINK's trip to Cuba was excellent. The coordination between the CODEPINK folks and the Cuban organizers worked like clockwork. The range of events/presentations was stunning. I learned an immense amount, fell in love with Cuba, and hope to return. My fellow travelers were an incredibly interesting group of activists.”

-Estelle Disch


“This was one of the most intense, positive learning experiences of my life. I had waited over 50 years for this visit and am amazed at how much we had the opportunity to do. Thank you CODEPINK.”

-Mara Taub


“Cuba is an incredible country. It's vibrant, thought-provoking and a social experiment (of putting people before profit) which spurs us to want to help this embattled little island nation. CODEPINK and the Avistur staff created a well organized and well rounded experience for us that gave us the maximum amount of access and information possible in the short week we had. It was amazing.”

-Chris Nelson


“A wall of preconceptions separates us from Cuba. Past that wall is a fascinating experiment in structuring society and Latin living that has much to teach, provoke, and enjoy.”

-Jed Marcus


“I so appreciate being able to participate in the CODEPINK historic delegation to Cuba. What an opportunity to see Cuba and learn from its families, scholars, students, artists, government representatives, diplomats, taxi drivers, bartenders. It was also an honor to meet and link up with such a fantastic group fellow activists from all over the country!  

A million thanks!”

-Janice Bradley


“This trip was nothing short of exceptional. I gained insight into the Cuban culture, system of government and warmth of the people themselves while traveling with informed and celebratory CODEPINK delegates. A fabulous journey!”

-Crystal Zevon


“You needn't be political or an activist to want to learn about Cuba.  This group will bring a diversity of people-places-experiences to your trip that will enrich every level of your curiosity.  Toss out any need for 'must see', 'must do', must control' and simply go along with all that is offered and you will be enriched.”

-Christin Griftner


“For me, this visit to Cuba ranks as one of the great experiences of my life. No ordinary tourist trip, we got to meet people both in the government and in their homes and workplaces, and learned more about Cuban life, politics  and culture than I ever expected. Cubans value people first and their society and its institutions reflect this.”

-Jane Feigenbaum


“Que viva Cuba libre! The Cuban people are resilient, creative and vibrant. They have suffered much at the hands of the U.S. government's ongoing embargo. It is time we the people take a stand in support of an end to the cruel economic strangulation of this beautiful country. Our trip tore aside the curtain that hides the true nature of our government's treatment of our neighbor. The way we continue to use Guantanamo is an insult to the people of Cuba and to our own citizens. Go to Cuba with an open mind and heart!  You will not be disappointed.”

-Carol Foresta


“A trip to Cuba in 2015 is a chance to time travel to a world where all things human matter so much more than products and profits. The sounds and tastes of Cuba are even more delicious than you have imagined. Enjoy the social grassroots of America without being distracted by the ugly arrogance of celebrity or wealth. Cuba right now is not to be missed.”

-Harvie Branscomb


“I was very proud to be there with CODEPINK. The strength, courage, and mission of the CODEPINK delegation made each day meaningful and exciting. Their work along with the knowledge, patience, and kindness of all of the guides and presenters deepened and expanded my admiration for the Cuban people and their beautiful country.”

-Joan French


“A whirlwind tour that was satisfying in so many ways. We met so many different and important people and saw so many sights that in just one week it felt like we had experienced much of Cuba's beauty and complexity. Making a jam-packed schedule with such a variety of experiences run so smoothly (and making it all very affordable!) is testament to Code Pink and the top notch Cuban guides they worked with. A delegation that travels with a purpose like we did also creates lasting bonds of friendship and collegiality and a commitment to justice that no normal tourist trip can create.”

-Charlie Cray


“I don't know if I can ever find a group of activists that are more spirited and fun to travel with than my dear friends with CODEPINK.”

-Rob Mulford


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