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Peace Collective Articles

The Peace Collective's writing cohort spends time researching and writing on topics close to their heart. These topics are related to CODEPINK or Peace Collective specific organizing projects. 

Expanding the Military Draft Is Not Feminism. Abolishing Draft Registration Is.

The Peace Collective wrote this article and got it published while Congress was debating expanding the draft registration system to include young women. The Peace Collective provide the critical perspective from anti-war young people who argue that the Selective Service System and all compulsory military service must be abolished. This article in Truthout was circulated to Congressional staff to urge them to move away from draft expansion. Following the article, draft expansion was removed from the National Defense Authorization Act. 

The Anti-War Movement Could Be Reignited By Gen Z

This op-ed argues that actively opposing imperialism and militarism is our collective responsibility. This work by the Collective was published in Teen Vogue and featured in the Conde Nast news round-up. 

The Military Feeds on the Student Debt Crisis With False Promises to Recruits

"The military uses the student debt crisis to steer young adults toward enlistment. After serving, many find the guarantee of free college is shakier than promised. Student debt forgiveness can keep recruiters at bay and help veterans move on with their lives." The Peace Collective wrote this article, spearheaded by Kaitlin Blanchard to connect the student debt crisis to militarism. As young people who grapple with student debt ourselves, it's important to connect this issue to the larger movement. We want to prioritize people over the Pentagon. Kaitlin also runs CODEPINK's Divest Chatanooga from the War Machine campaign!