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Peace Collective Bookclub: Washington Bullets by Vijay Prashad

The peace collective is anti-imperialist and anti-capitalist. We are for a world free from neoliberal greed and violence. We support and affirm the right to self-determination for all peoples, especially those in the Global South, as they resist the colonial domination of the U.S. empire. We advocate for international cooperation, not a unipolar world order. The Peace Collective is made up of people under the age of 30 who come together for anti-imperialist education in the form of book clubs and discussions. Collective members have opportunities to start or get connected to divestment campaigns in their area to gain anti-war organizing experience, as well as other CODEPINK campaigns around the country and world.

For the month of August we are reading Washington Bullets by Vijay Prashad! If you don't have time to read the book, come for the discussion anyways! 






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