Pass the Peace Contest Mobilizes Students for One Nation March

Posted by CODEPINK Staff


by Zaccai Free


"Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world.” -- Howard Zinn

Code Pink is working hard to bring more youth, students, and people of color out to the One Nation Working Together march as part of a contingent for peace. This action is part of our larger Bring Our War $$ Home Campaign. On average each soldier costs $1,000,000 per year while $10,000 is spent on the  average high school student. The billions spent on waging wars abroad would be better served re-building America's aging infrastructure and shifting our nation towards an economy based on quality education and sustainability, i.e. green industries and technology.

You can help us make this contest a success by getting the the word out to students you know. With your help, we can inspire students from across the country to participate in the historic event. Participants will be given 10 community service hours, as well as gain valuable experience in civic engagement.

Below are a few other ways you can help make the One Nation Working Together march a great success.

    1. Commit here to participate in the October 2 March as part of Code Pink's Peace contingent


    1. Share information about the October 2 March with all of your networks


    1. Share any links with youth groups, organizations, churches, etc who would benefit from hearing about the march and the larger effort to Bring Our War $$ Home


    1. Create a Peace banner or flag to hang in a window or outside


    1. Donate to Code Pink to support the effort to make peace a reality in our lifetime

And lastly, dream of what a peace-filled world will look like. Share your visions with others. We need to see a new reality. The Pentagon spends hundreds of millions on planning for war . . . it costs us nothing to dream, but is extremely costly to keep supporting the war machine.

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