Palestine Trip FAQs

Palestine Trip FAQs

Is it safe to go to Israel/Palestine?

Safety of the participants on a CODEPINK delegation is something that we take seriously. From time to time, violence on the ground in Israel/Palestine captures the attention of global news media. Situations such as this understandably raise concerns about safety on the delegation, especially with family members of people who planning or thinking about going to Israel/Palestine. CODEPINK always carefully monitors the situation and is in regular conversation with our Israeli and Palestinian friends about ongoing developments.

Why should people from North American countries travel to Israel/Palestine?

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is not “over there.” It is a conflict that is influenced greatly by foreign policies crafted in the capitals of western countries – chiefly, the United States. The US gives Israel over $3 billion in direct military aid every year – more than any other country and provides significant political and diplomatic support for its Middle East ally. Meanwhile, the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories continues to stoke conflict around the region. As a result, people from North America have a responsibility to understand the conflict and to act to change the status quo.

Do I need any vaccinations?


Will I be able to bring a camera and filming gear?

Yes, but it could be subject to scrutiny and/or confiscation by Israeli officials at the airport.

Who does our delegation meet with?

An itinerary will be emailed to you!

Is there financial aid?

Yes, email with an explanation of why you are going and the sort of assistance you need. This is on a case-by-case basis and priority is given to low income folks and young people.

Is there any possibility of sharing who is currently on the list for the Palestine trip?

Sure, email to find out. If you want your name kept private, please let us know that too.

When the are arrival and departure dates/times for the trip?

Arrival: Please plan to arrive at the Ben Gurion Tel Aviv on November 1 before 4 pm (the earlier the better in case airport processing takes a long time). We'll have 2 rounds of shuttle buses picking folks up to bring us to our first night in Ramallah .

How will I meet with CODEPINK?

We will have shuttles bringing you to our meeting spot and will give you more detailed info closer to the trip.

Departure: We will have three shuttles bringing folks to the airport in Tel Aviv on Sunday, November 8th (but it is a 4 hour shuttle trip from Jenin, where we will be staying over the night before, so don't book an early morning flight!).

Should we bring additonal money and in what currency?

We suggest that you bring at least $400-500, even if just for emergency purposes. They use the Israeli shekel. When we get to Israel, we can exchange there. There are also ATMs in Ramallah. 

Will my passport by stamped in the airport?

If you want, you can request a second passport from the State Department. 

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