Opposing the New AUMF

 By Janet Weil

“…the White House has in our time become a war-making and assassination-producing machine.  In the same period, terror groups and membership in them have leapt across the Greater Middle East and Africa; no terror organization has been destroyed …; most have expanded; the Islamic State, the first mini-terror state in history, has taken over significant parts of Iraq and Syria and is expanding elsewhere; Libya is a chaos of competing militias, some of an extreme Islamic nature; Yemen is believed to be in a state of collapse with al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula on the rise; Afghanistan remains a war disaster area; Pakistan is significantly destabilized…  And yet, as the president’s authorization request indicates, there is no walking any of this back.” – Tom Englehardt


Wars are not the answer to terrorism – how much more evidence do we need?

 I am a military family member since January 2003, and the granddaughter and daughter of veterans, and a member of CODEPINK since spring 2003. I am one member of a minority of Americans who are exhausted, emotionally and psychologically, with the endless US wars that continue to pull in our young family members as combatants.

 A US war against Iraq, sold to the US public on lies and propaganda, based on securing more advantageous oil contracts for oil corporations, sustained on our apathy, tax dollars and the no-draft deal, has become a permanent feature of our economy and politics.

Along with my allies, for our various reasons, I stand against the continuation of the US war on Iraq, now expanded to an air war in Syria, with undeclared drone wars against Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia and probably other countries.

 The US war against Iraq began in summer 1990. A full generation later, it is long past time for Americans to say NO MORE WAR. Our country, with our tax dollars and the lives of our young people, has wrecked and poisoned Iraq, and drained resources from our needs at home.

 CODEPINK opposes this new AUMF. Women say NO to war!


Janet Weil is a CODEPINK member and staffer, and a military family member, who lives in the SF Bay Area.


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  • david eberhardt
    commented 2015-02-21 16:57:17 -0500
    draw yr attention to the documentary “Hit and Stay”- about anti draft board actions- many good tactics discussed
  • david eberhardt
    commented 2015-02-21 16:56:39 -0500
    is it possible to get more personal- publishing addresses of fox news anchors- remember the torture tour of brennan and cheney? shaming is a good tactic
  • david eberhardt
    commented 2015-02-21 16:55:17 -0500
    we wld luv to see code p at the oscars- p[ossible signs? "atrocity porn unacceptable or m l king rules, wayne la pierre drools, or selma rules, sniper drools