On the Cancelation of Day One Activities

Posted by CODEPINK Staff

Of course, the GOP's claiming it's out of concern for the Gulf Coast, but it also has the fantastic effect of suddenly and rapidly turning attention away from and possibly decreasing the rising police brutality surrounding the conventions, plus puts a bright and shiny face on MccCain's super-concerned, new-kind-of-republican presidency, but the cancelation of the majority of tomorrow's activities in favor of the expression of concern for the potential impact of Hurricane Gustav is, well, misplaced. Not least because the funds spent on the convention are already gone, and certainly not exclusively because John McCain's personal presence in New Orleans is going to be terribly helpful—a step up from Bush's though it may be—and certainly not only because the same National Guard unable to perform during the last Gulf Coast crisis was busy in Iraq, and remains so now. But because it is plainly and simply too late to make up for the failure to act during Katrina.


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